Saturday, 6 October 2012

New Ugg Boots Shop!

Yay! Stardoll have finally got an ugg boots shop on stardoll. This was only realised yesterday! (06/10/12). They are really nice and exactly like the real ones in real life! The best thing about it is non-superstars and get these because they are in starcoins.

Prices -

My favorites are the 'UGG Classic Brown' and 'Ugg Sophy', I think they are very nice. I think everyone will be wearing these once they realise they are in starcoins.

Ages ago a pair of 'Hotbuy ugg boots' were realised, they are very nice but you can't buy them anymore, you will be able to find them in the starbarzaar but they will probably be round 500 stardollars. This is them -

I think they are very nice and they go with a lot of outfits!

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